The Teatro Principal is one of the most important buildings in Alicante, located in the Plaza Ruperto Chapí. In 1845 several city merchants, two aristocrats, and two families of owners decided to build a theatre. The building project was carried out by the Alicante architect Emilio Jover Perrón in a neoclassical style and was named Teatro Principal . Until today, the theatre hosts some of the greatest concerts, operas and musicals in the region. Tel: 965 203 100 www.teatroprincipaldealicante.com


The Gran Teatro of Elche was inaugurated in 1996 after the remodeling carried out on the basis of the old “Kursaal” hall that opened in 1920. The theatre has become an iconic landmark in the city centre of Elche. For over two decades, around 100 annual theatre productions have performed on its stage. These include children’s theater, dance, ballet, classical music, rock, opera, flamenco and circus performances, both by national and international artists, as well as local productions. Tel: 966 658 147 www.elche.es


Since their first unforgettable night of entertainment in 1977, Benidorm Palace had made its mark as one of the most prestigious night spots on the Costa Blanca. Famous for its dinner and cabaret show experience, Benidorm Palace offers a top night out guaranteed. The shows are varied with many great names, national and international gracing the stage. With the constant updating of light, sound and special effects systems the shows are growing bigger and better every year. Benidorm Palace also lends itself nicely to the hosting of congresses, television shows and many cultural events. Tel: 965 851 660    www.benidorm-palace.com


The International Music Auditorium in Torrevieja is a beautiful modern building situated in a natural setting close to the Torrevieja Salt Lakes. The Auditorium has been architecturally designed with landscaped gardens and an impressive glass encased entrance hall. With its superb acoustics and spacious feel, the Torrevieja Auditorium hosts some of the best performances on the Costa Blanca including well known orchestras, live music concerts from pop & rock to jazz and classical, theatrical productions, ballets, magic shows and famous musicals. Tel: 966 920 140 www.auditoriotorrevieja.com